VI Relief

 On September 6th this year hurricane Irma (the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic basin) raked a swath of death & destruction through many Caribbean Islands making some uninhabitable and turning others into pure chaos. The US and British Virgins were hit incredibly hard destroying homes and displacing thousands. Two weeks later Maria, another category 5 set her sights on us again hitting sister islands of Puerto Rico & St Croix the hardest, which was unfortunate as they were the most instrumental in Irma relief and evacuations up to that point. Nearly three months later many people are still homeless or displaced and living without power. The people who remain in the islands are repairing and rebuilding but it is...

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Sometimes dreams do come true and intersect. In my case it really was an instance of the stars aligning and was accompanied by a shower of heavenly delights. Besides my sweet-as-pie new baby nephew the most amazing gift this solstice brought was meeting some wonderful people who print ecologically friendly recycled lycra right in my new backyard. Not only is the new eco-fab sustainable, made from a mix of post consumer plastics including fishing nets and water bottles otherwise destined for the landfill, it is processed ecologically as well, with high standards for wastewater and emissions. The cherry on top is that this new fabric has won awards for its long life and durability.    In celebration of this exciting development we...

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With only a goal to sail 12,000 miles to Australia before cyclone season, Margie and her adventure seeking husband Sharp set off from the Virgin Islands this past March on their floating home, 46' Ted Brewer Cutter rig "Wanderer"on an epic adventure. I have been following their  journey from Cuba through the Panama Canal, the Galapagos to the Marquesas and now Fiji with a mix of wanderlust jealousy and happy admiration. It makes me even more excited to see that Margie is sailing, shredding and celebrating it all in her Ranifly Bikinis. Margie's childhood dream became a reality when she completed her first Pacific Ocean circumnavigation at age 16. Since then she has made a life and career on the sea crewing and captaining.  Margie...

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