With only a goal to sail 12,000 miles to Australia before cyclone season, Margie and her adventure seeking husband Sharp set off from the Virgin Islands this past March on their floating home, 46' Ted Brewer Cutter rig "Wanderer"on an epic adventure. I have been following their  journey from Cuba through the Panama Canal, the Galapagos to the Marquesas and now Fiji with a mix of wanderlust jealousy and happy admiration. It makes me even more excited to see that Margie is sailing, shredding and celebrating it all in her Ranifly Bikinis.

Margie's childhood dream became a reality when she completed her first Pacific Ocean circumnavigation at age 16. Since then she has made a life and career on the sea crewing and captaining.  Margie says that although they love the different countries they have visited on their trip that there is something so beautiful about being thousands of miles from shore with just the sound of the wind and sea against your hull. "Not seeing land or another vessel for as far as your eyes can reach is the epitome of tranquility to me and there is nothing better than seeing the stars disappear into the horizon" 
When they are not surfing "Wanderer" down the face of waves or diving with giant mantas they are catching great surf. The only real problem they have encountered along the way has been missing a few bays on their list because they have gotten stuck at world class breaks that have been too good to leave, even getting to surf with a few legends. Margie says that just means they will have to come back and do it again. 
Thanks to both Margie and Sharp for sharing their incredible trip. It has been so exciting and inspiring to follow along. They both keep dreaming about how to make the journey last after touchdown in Oz. Hopefully a hop over to Hawai'i to pick up a few bikinis and hike a waterfall or two is on the list! Keep Adventuring!
You can read about the many legs of Margie and Sharps non stop adventure fest on their blog Kemp Offshore