Sometimes dreams do come true and intersect. In my case it really was an instance of the stars aligning and was accompanied by a shower of heavenly delights. Besides my sweet-as-pie new baby nephew the most amazing gift this solstice brought was meeting some wonderful people who print ecologically friendly recycled lycra right in my new backyard. Not only is the new eco-fab sustainable, made from a mix of post consumer plastics including fishing nets and water bottles otherwise destined for the landfill, it is processed ecologically as well, with high standards for wastewater and emissions. The cherry on top is that this new fabric has won awards for its long life and durability. 


In celebration of this exciting development we have printed 10 new nature inspired eco fabrics for custom suits and will be adding hot new little eco-kinis to the LMTD collection this month. I will also be offering discounts on our eco-wear so if you are not on our mailing list do yourself a favor and sign yourself up. I promise no spam, I can't get around to it as I'm too busy cutting and sewing. In addition to Eco-Kinis I have added Yoga/Swim Pants  to our LMTD collection. They are full length, low rise and cutie on your booty. I have the Vintage Monstera and am so in LOVE

I will be adding a few new prints throughout this month. The first one will be a gift from my good friend Kristin who spends her time globetrotting to far flung seas taking gorgeous underwater photos. I will cover her ocean crusading in another post as it deserves our undivided attention. Recently she took this awe inspiring close up in Maui of the Hawaiian urchin, I think it will look amazing as bikini fabric. You can see more of her beautiful photos here.

I am so happy to be taking this step toward local sustainable swimwear this spring. As a very small company sometimes those larger goals are harder to reach. Hopefully in the future our swimwear will be made of hemp or corn but for now recycling is the closest to sustainable we can get besides skinny dipping, which I highly recommend.

Ziray going green shot by Cooper Penn in St John, Virgin Islands

We are no doubt living in a time when sustainability has never been more relevant and as scientists and other people who love our planet prepare to march on Washington this month, as Indigenous communities fight for a switch to renewable resources and clean water, as fracking, agribusiness and industry poison people where they live and as the waters continue to rise covering whole island nations it is up to us to conserve and do what we can to reduce our carbon & plastic footprint for future generations, to roll back to a healthy balanced world where we remember we are a part of nature. She doesn't need us but we most definitely need her.

Here are some steps you can take toward ocean conservation, energy conservation and to reduce plastic use.  Also don't forget to wear your vegan, gluten free sustainable Ranifly Eco-kinis when you're out hugging trees and whales. 

Much Love  xo Rani








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