For a few years I lived on a boat traveling Indonesian islands. During my time there I met many wonderful people, people who gave me some very endearing nicknames. One that seemed to stick was "Susu Besar" which literally translates to MILK BIG. You can guess what they were referring to. My girls were such a big hit in Indo that I had aunties in a Sumatran market squeezing my produce. Uninvited (#metoo). Even at my teensy-est I am a D cup and most people do not know that that is THE SINGULAR REASON I started making bikinis. While working long hours on sailboats I could never find any tops besides a sports bra that were made to comfortably lug these things on daily inter-island journeys. The weight of my generous Ta-Tas on the tiny string that went behind my neck would result in horrible headaches by mid afternoon. These were dubbed the "Jost-ache" because they would always hit right about the time we'd sail into White Bay.

It ain't easy lugging these monsters everywhere you go. They are HEAVY and get moody and sore. They absolutely hate going for jogs or doing jumping jacks and they are suffocating during yoga. One is usually bigger than the other, they do whatever they want and they can be quite challenging to get dressed. Add in my aching back, gravity and "By the way my eyes are up here" they are an all around pain. Perhaps the single hardest part of being so well endowed is finding swimwear that is comfortable and to find something supportive, comfortable and flattering is next level.


I am here to help. Because of those daily Jost-aches my tops are designed for comfort and action and are supportive without without underwire. Most of my regular tops can be worn in sizes up to Double D but I have developed suits that are comfortable and flattering for DD and larger. If you suffer every time you try to find a comfortable, durable and flattering bikini top I am here for you. I have thick straps and X backs that are so comfortable they could possibly change your life. I had one customer who cried in relief after putting on one of my tops because her other swimwear became so problematic she had to have neckbone surgery. As you know the struggle is real. I have created a guide to my top styles that will hopefully help you find something very comfortable & supportive to play in.


For those of you in the D to DD catagory I recommend any of my X backs for comfort. If you love triangle tops but cannot wear them because of size I recommend the RIKKI X BACK. It is like an extremely comfortable, fortified Triangle top.

If you would like something more active I recommend the MIMI X BACK & the SWAN X BACK. These both have extra strength elastic on the bottom for hold & support paired with thicker straps for comfort.

If you need support but also want to be a little fancy the BEQUIA X is super flattering with a sweet three string detail and the VINCY X comes with thick straps and a corset style back for extra snuggy-ness.

Counter-intuitively the RUCHED BANDEAU is extremely comfortable for larger knockers. You're not going to want to do anything too crazy but it is unbeatable for chilling out and feels great having nothing harnessed around your neck or shoulders.

If you absolutely love the behind the neck tie style the 12 WAY top worn halter style was actually designed for big bazoombas. The strap behind the neck is extra thick and I can make the lower strap thicker as well for bigger sizes. 


 A few new tops that I myself have test driven for larger melon comfort are the Purnima V Neck, the Sweet Pea & the Maize Scoop. All three of these fit like a crop top with thick shoulders so it feels as though you are wearing a very very cute shirt. No straps to worry about at all.

If upper chest and cleavage coverage is what you are looking for the ULUWATU X Back is a snug fit as well and can be done with thicker straps. 

Now we come to the holy grail of comfort for the very well endowed, The NATALIE X Back. If you are not afraid of cleavage and like a comfortable, adjustable suit this is it. you can tie it closer in the front and the thick shoulder straps are adjustable in the back as well. This top is amazing and gives you support without underwire or digging. It should also be noted all of these X back styles excluding the Rikki are snuggy on the side boob. They've got you covered.


 Because we are all so different in our sizes and our shapes consulting with me about style and sizing for your activities and preferences is a good idea to get a suit that is perfect for you. Also do not be dissuaded by seeing smaller chested models in the style that you prefer. My design & structure changes as the same style gets larger to accommodate us that are blessed in the chest. I am always interested in creating new looks and styles that suit peoples needs. If you have ideas, questions, suggestions etc please email or message me.

In addition, the new maxidresses, while looking elegant on everyone were initially designed so that I could take my E size girls out on the town comfortably without a bra. They have been a game changer. Also very comfortable for pregnancy and/or binge-eating.

Custom suits have been marked down as well so now they are more affordable as times have been tough between all of the hurricanes, wildfires, floods and volcanic eruptions. What a year. I have also added few new styles and am always adding new fabrics as well.


As always THANK YOU so much for supporting me and what I do. Every one of my suits is made by hand from me for you & much thought and care is put into every piece for you to enjoy.


xo Rani

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