For the Ladies

For the Ladies


It took me a minute but I wanted to say HAPPY 2018


January was sort of the Prequel to this energetic full moon (supermoon, blue moon, blood moon eclipse, wtf) that will begin to shift into what for me is supposed to be a creative explosion. I can dig it. I am excited and dazzled to be in the company of so many outstanding women. I see you out here shining and working at being your best. I want to take time to reiterate that you are enough and you are beautiful. Relax. Believe me I know, I'm the one who gets to see you all in your vulnerable bikini glory. Right now it's time to throw away any negative body talk and grow into our best selves. We don't have time for that. Time to practice self love. Time to look in the mirror and say "I AM incredible" Shine from inside. Be healthy, mind, body & soul. We have much bigger things to do with our time than to waste it thinking about the way SOMEBODY ELSE wants us to look. Miss me with that. YOU decide how you will be seen.

2017 was hard. We had catastrophic hurricanes and wildfires not to mention threats to our environmental & civil rights. We are worried. In this stressful atmosphere I feel we need to be stronger than ever in supporting and empowering each other. So many of us are displaced, feeling so alone and sad over loss of home & community. We need to reach out, check in and empower each other. Even when we are apart we are all connected. We rise by lifting each other.

I've made lists of goals for myself this year to balance mind-body health and a list of creative skills i want work toward. I think right now at the very least making a list of self care reminders is important in these times of stress. It could be to breathe, stretch or go outside, drink water, check in with yourself, read, take a walk, eat chocolate in the bathtub, reach out to a friend, meditate, connect with community or just be alone and restore your energy. For me this year is also about setting boundaries of how I will be spoken to and treated. Disrespect, miss me with that. Bullying, I'm not having it.  I understand people treat others poorly because of their own pain and so we compassionately absorb it, sacrificing ourselves. I can love you and still say NOPE. Demand Respect. Self Love.

Since moving to Hawaii I have been in a state of flux of finding my footing, starting over, trying to see where i fit into this city/jungle/freeway/ocean miasma. There are a lot more rules here. I've gotten a little judgy/jelly side-eye for not jumping through the hoops. People are dumbstruck, they just didn't know you could do life like that. Although I have been working hard & being creative I have been stifling myself because I have been looking for where I fit, where Ranifly fits, but the answer is we don't. I don't even know what the box is much less how to fit inside it. Besides, I don't want a box, I want a universe. Confession is I'm a little bit confused a lot of the time and this new world's got my head spinnin'. I've been overwhelmed. I'm like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. But I'm gonna fake it till I make it ladies.

I might still be figuring things out but what i do have is PASSION, ENERGY and LOVE. By the truckload and that stuff is unstoppable. I am not a giant swimwear company mogul and I don't want to be, I am an artist who expresses herself through creating unique & beautiful clothing for you to feel comfortable, happy and adventurous in. I know my customers personally right down to their size & what suits they wear. I love being that person and that kind of company. I am going to keep being MORE ME. My creativity is ever evolving and my excitement encompasses so much. I am hoping this year by sharing the things that set my soul on fire I can inspire, invigorate and ignite some of your passions. Keep your eyes peeled yo.

Last but not least,  I LOVE YOU. Thank you for allowing me to occupy your ears, your eyes & your brainspace. Thank you for wearing me on your body! Thank You for your inspiration & continued support of my visions. I see you. Let us connect, listen & empower each other in 2018. I am a believer that without you there is no me. Much Love 


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