I can barely contain my excitement as we launch our OCEANSCAPES Eco Waterwear collection!!! In what started as a tiny creative spark between ocean going girlfriends to further sustainablity and raise awareness of our out of control plastic consumption has come to its beginning stage of fruition in this evolving collection. A collaboration of artistic expressions, a passion for ocean conservation and a drive to create change is the fuel to our creative fires in shaping a sustainable, ethical, functional waterwear model and future. 

As my good friend Kristin was diving into her photographic artivism it was evident to us both that her dreamy oceanscape captures belonged on swimwear. Her beautiful images reflect her unique vision and range between evocative and moody underwater scapes to fantastic coral jungles. While Kristin was using her platform to raise awareness of ocean conservation projects worldwide I was in my new home of Oahu creating prints and swimwear out of recycled materials including the discarded fishing nets clogging up our seas killing sealife and reefs. As I began working with Kristin's photos to create fabric designs I soon realized this was going to be a creatively exciting and rewarding project. Each of our fabric designs has a compelling STORY about the place it was captured and its respective sea life, each piece of waterwear a collage of our brilliant oceans and the creatures within.

Kristin Leigh Hetterman is based between Manhattan and Maui but spends most her time traveling from ocean to ocean working on conservation projects and sea life protection. She has melded her passions into an artivism platform and is an accomplished journalist who recently published a highly relevant article in Newsweek concerning unclogging our oceans of our plastic addiction and steps we can all take to reduce. On her most recent visit home to Maui, Kristin and her fiance encountered and then cleaned up a massive ball of fishing nets and plastic trash on the coast of Lanai - no small feat. Watch and read about that endeavor HERE. Kristin and I have always shared a love of the ocean and adventure but working with such a focused visionary on a project of this importance really brings that love full circle to a tangible place and continues to be an extraordinary process. You can get to know Kristin's vision, mission and work through her website.

 Together we have created a collection of unique & ethically made high quality eco waterwear dedicated to inspiring women to look and feel their best while also making a statement supporting the reduction of plastic waste and cleaning up coastlines. Our eco-fabric is imported from Italy and was selected because of its high performance and sustainable nature. The 100% recycled and regenerated nylon yarn is derived from pre- and post-industrial waste including discarded fishing nets. Soft and durable our pieces also offer you full protection from UV rays (UPF 50+).

 In addition, a portion of each sale will benefit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii who are consistently hard at work protecting our treasured coastlines by removing plastic debris and educating the next generation on how to create a world without waste.  Plastic collected by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii goes to Partners at Parley for the Oceans, educational kits for students worldwide, and to local artists in Hawaii. Read & watch more about our mission HERE

 Big big giant love and mahalos to everyone who worked with us on this project, to all of our beautiful ambassadors who embody the passion, strength and mana wahine that our brand represents. Thank you so much to Dreamscape Pictures and Postcards from Hawaii for your hard work, time and vision. 

 We hope that you love this new collection of sustainable designs as much as we do. We will continue to add on more waterwear and prints in the future. We are hard at work to bring you surf suits, one-pieces and kidswear soon. Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed! 





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