RANIFLY’S OCEANSCAPES eco-waterwear line is dedicated to inspiring women to look and feel their best in our #feeltheocean designs … while also making a statement supporting the reduction of plastic waste and cleaning up coastlines.

Kristin Hettermann

Exclusive aqua-sensuous designs created from the underwater fine art photography of ocean artivist Kristin Leigh Hettermann, Rani hand selected photos from oceans around the world to bring this line to life. Her custom waterwear patterns are formed from over 40 years of loving the ocean and 20 years of fitting women of all ages and sizes with comfortable, functional suits that look good, stay on, and last.

Ranifly Bikini Rani and Kristin

Friendship birthed this collaboration of creativity, vision, and inspiration. Rani and Kristin’s mermaid adventures in the Caribbean and Pacific created a bond that the best of girlfriends know well. Nothing brings you together more than adventures! As an avid kite surfer, ocean swimmer, and scuba diver, Ranifly designs quickly became Kristin’s go-to apparel selections for her underwater explorations.

Kristin Hettermann and Ranifly Bikini
Kristin net

A deep love and concern for the ocean created the energy that fueled the development of this line. 8 million tons of trash end up in our oceans every single year…and data points to 640 thousand tons of fishing nets abandoned at the bottom of the ocean. Such alarming data tell us that, unless the situation changes, by 2050 our seas may contain more garbage than fish.

Ranifly Bikini

Our eco-fabric is imported from Italy and was selected because of its high performance, sustainable nature. Made of ECONYL® yarn, the 100% recycled and regenerated nylon yarn is derived from pre and post-industrial waste including discarded fishing nets. Garments made with Vita fabric are ideal to be worn at all sea-spired activities, from the most challenging sport activities to lounging poolside. Comfortable, soft, durable and offering you full protection from UV rays (UPF 50+) … these pieces are built to protect and last! All fabric is printed locally in Honolulu, Hawaii and designed with love and aloha in the Hawaiian Islands.

Ranifly Bikini

Start with your choices, today.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Sustainable Coastline Hawaiʻi - they are hard at work protecting their treasured coastlines by removing plastic debris and educating the next generation on how to create a world without waste. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s Ocean Plastics Program has recycled over 100,000 lbs of ocean plastic since 2011. Plastic collected by Sustainable Coastlines Hawai'i goes to Partners at Parley for the Ocean, educational kits for students worldwide, and to local artists in Hawaii. Parley for the Ocean works to upcycle the ocean plastic, from trash to premium. Together with leading material experts, labs and innovators, they give plastic waste new life in ways that reduce the use of virgin plastics and catalyze awareness, funding and eco innovation toward long-term change. Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i beach cleanups are a tool to educate the public about plastic pollution and inspire the movement away from plastic consumption.

Mining Marine Debris (Plastic Pollution) for Ocean Plastic from Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii on Vimeo.