An island girl heart and soul, bikinis have always been Rani Keohane’s second skin. Coming from a line of creative seamstresses her evolution into bikini designer was inevitable. Sailing for a living, being in or on the water more than on land she needed durable, flattering and comfortable suits for all day use and noticed a void. After living on a boat in Indonesia for a few years she launched Ranifly Bikini in 2009 from the Virgin Islands. Rani’s flexible, functional, and comfortable designs quickly started turning heads as stylish and sexy all day active wear. Rani designs, engineers and hand-makes bikinis with long lasting quality and comfort in mind, creating suits that work with and accentuate your body and inspire confidence. From sexy lounge suits to your favorite snug, sassy water sports uniform, it’s Rani’s own life of travel and adventure that inspires innovative design around your personal preferences and curves.  She test drives her designs as much as she can insuring that Ranifly Bikinis are just as comfortable as your birthday suit. Now based in the island capital of Honolulu, Hawaii, her brand is expanding internationally to inspire adventures in mermaids near and far.