Tropical Elegance - The Ranifly Maxi

Winter gets pretty chilly here in Hawaii. The Kona winds blow tiny man-o-wars onto the beach and with them that kind of cold that sinks into your bones, that 70 degree frost that makes you want to build a fire, get in a hot tub, drink cocoa and cuddle. The coconut oil solidifies, need I say more? I moved here unaware of the SUB tropical climes straight from the virtually equitorial Virgin Islands without any winter clothes. I haven't owned a coat in 20+years and maybe 3 pairs of socks in all that time.  When that first temperature dip hit I was in wardrobe crisis and as they say necessity is the mother of invention. I just wanted something i could be comfortable and warmish in but still look absolutely breathtaking. I wanted the kind of outfit you could cozily holiday binge eat in and never have to loosen a belt buckle. That is when the Ranifly Maxi was born. 
Floor length, flowing and supportive these maxis are the definition of comfortable tropical elegance.I made a few for myself and quickly realized it wasn't fair to hoard all of this comfort & style. We should all be able to be stunningly elegant with all the comfort of your favorite pajamas. The absolute best part of these dresses is that you literally don't have to wear anything else with them. The tops are so supportive and snug that no matter what size you are no bra is required. Which is a very big deal for me. These maxis can go from every day casual to elegant formal. They are made in one mid range size but can be sewn in petite and deluxe versions as well. They are also wonderful for expecting mothers as they are so comfortable and expand as you do. If you are wondering about sizing please message me and I can help you decide on length, size & style.
In addition I have been creating SPECIAL OCCASION dresses. It has been an honor to be a part of peoples special day making bridesmaids and wedding dresses for the past few years. I have such a wide variety of eco-friendly fabrics that literally anything is possible. I can make your tropical dress dreams come true and they are absolutely perfect for island and beach weddings
Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding dresses for any occasion. If you have a color or event in mind we can create something special and one of a kind.
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Enjoy the cooler weather and holiday season!
xo Rani