Hi. Wow. It has been a wild ride and a period of adjustment as of late. Hopefully too, a time of great changes. I am a believer that out of so much adversity we will grow and create a better world for everyone as that is the goal each and every day. I want to say thank you to all of the people putting in effort and work to ease others suffering and make our world more equitable, just and healthy place to thrive.
During quarantine I caught a case of the blues and out of that a new collection of prints was born. Because almost all of my suit styles are reversible I thought it would be fun to make a few complimentary prints to mix and match in a color EVERYONE looks amazing in. And I mean everyone. As in all Y'all.
I cannot think of a more epochal substance with such an incredibly rich world history than INDIGO. It has been used for centuries, touching each continent and its peoples creating beautiful fabrics and designs standing the test of time as one of the most iconic colors invoking earth, ocean and sky.
 India has always been the largest producer of indigo making its way to the Mediterranian during the Greco-Roman era by way of Arab traders as a luxury item. However, the first recorded fabrics dyed in Indigo are from 6,000 years ago in Peru. Indigo made an appearance in Mesopotamia with dying instructions in cuneiform and later on to Indonesia & Japan. Because of its high value as a trading commodity indigo was often referred to as blue gold. It was the foundation of centuries-old textile traditions throughout West Africa. From the Taureg nomads of the Sahara to Camaroon, clothes dyed with indigo signified wealth. In the 16th century Europeans set up Indigo plantations in South America, Jamaica, Haiti and the Virgin Islands. Native indigo plants were found and cultivated in the Carolinas as well. There were the Indigo Uprisings in Bengal and indigo played its part in the American Revolutionary War as well.
You can learn more about indigo HERE
Because of so many centuries of history with this plant I feel the relationship must be imbedded in our collective DNA as can be seen in our worldwide love of blue jeans which are colored of course by indigo.
Indigo prints have always been a part of my repertoire as they are inescapably gorgeous and diverse. So many of these prints compliment each other that i decided to create a whole collection of them to mix and match. You can choose your STYLES here and up to four prints on any suit.
I'm super excited about all of these new prints and and I can't wait to make some great mixy-matchy sustainable suits and see them on you!
See the new  INDIGO collection HERE
Feel free to message me with any questions and/or ideas.
And please TAKE CARE of yourself. Mind, Body & Soul
xoxo Rani