High Rollers

They have been trending for a hot minute but it took me a while to figure out the perfect sexy and elegant, timelessly flattering yet comfortable high waisted bottom. We like to be trendsetters here but we also need a suit to WORK for you. I love the lines of this most classic creation that just screams FASHION but still allows you to be active as you wanna be. We test drove these babies in Bali...Literally... and then an underwater shoot on the northshore of Oahu. 
Comfortable and convertible you can change the height of these bottoms to suit your mood. The high roller comes with an attractive cheeky back but you can always get more coverage if wanted in any fabric you desire in CUSTOM. Right now I have OLIVE SNAKE and MINI CHEETAH 
Because it is such a classic and simple design I suggest an elegant top like a bandeau, one shoulder top or this new Shreela top with spaghetti straps. Don't forget all suits are reversible so that gives you many fabric and wearing options
If you are not sure if this suit is right for you slide into my dms or you can e mail me at ranifly@gmail.com we can figure out the perfect style for you.  I have made this suit for all shapes, sizes and ages and it is totally loved by all with very positive reviews about comfort and coverage.
We had such a wonderful time visiting old friends and making new ones in Bali! These photos were mostly taken at The Room in Padang Padang and on the cliffs at Suarga. Both are beautiful SUSTAINABLE boutique hotels worth checking out with wonderful ambiance and hospitality. We were actually the FIRST GUESTS EVER at The Room and our hosts were so incredibly lovely! Please visit next time you are in the Bukit.
Here is a bonus pic of me on my birthday in Nusa Penida! Not getting younger but very much enjoying every moment with the people I love. I hope you too are having the most fabulous summer, staying cool and enjoying the Beach!   
xo Rani