Moving someplace new from the Virgin Islands is super weird as many of you know. My man likes to tell me I am like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. I learn new things everyday. Like what a garbageman is. I miss sailing and finding parking is a really frustrating new activity. Upswing is after 3 years I can still go to the grocery store and be wildly entertained by the variety and abundance. What a time to be alive. Also I don't know everyone in the store. Living in a city for the first time in my life is really new and exciting as well. I'm a TINY island kind of girl (the island I grew up on is 80 acres) but big city life has fabulous first world perks like film festivals, a plethora of international restaurants and fireworks every friday night. Ok... Honolulu isn't your average city.
One of the most thrilling perks for me has been meeting an energetic and enterprising young woman who made all of my sustainable bikini fabric dreams come true. She is a pint sized firecracker and her printing process is very hands on. We have lots of new projects in the works and I am hoping to share the process of printing soon so you can meet Marisa and see how we do it.  Recently on a trip to the west coast I cracked open my my computer and went on a designing rampage. The first step is admitting you have a problem and I literally CANNOT STOP. I am having so much fun. 
Because of my new addictive passion I have PRINTS coming out of my ears and have completely revamped your eco fabric choices on the website. You will see I have been inspired by nature, lots of flora and fauna. And yes you will also see I am absolutely obsessed with orchids. If there is anything you would like to see printed or would like made into crew/team suits or leggings message me. We can make your eco-conscious dreams come true.
In addition to all of my new prints I am collaborating with Oceanscapes Photography & the Wanderlust Foundation on a whole new collection of ocean inspired eco fabrics with a focus on banning single use plastic.  All of our Eco fabric is made predominantly from recycled "ghost nets" that entrap & kill sea life and pollute our oceans with plastic. 46% of ocean plastic waste are these nets. Our Fabric suppliers' divers are cleaning them up and we are putting them on your body. Pretty wonderful full circle project. More on that when we launch the collection very soon
I am feeling creatively inspired and energized with new passion and vision. I am hoping you enjoy all of the new PRINTS & projects. Translating art into wearable sustainability really is a vision come to fruition for me. Thank You always for supporting my forward movement & process.